Brian C. Cox - Optomechanical Engineer

Optomechanical Engineering - Design and implementation of hardware which drives optical system capability


I bring design expertise and leadership to multidisciplinary engineering teams


I’m energized by working on technically challenging projects, and aim to implement innovative designs.


I work collaboratively with teams and customers to identify needs, develop requirements, plan scope, and deliver solutions.

Welcome to my online portal

I am a lead Opto-Mechanical engineer, team manager and project lead specializing in the fields of opto-mechanical instrumentation and automated system design. Experienced in working with multi-disciplinary teams delivering tightly integrated & engineered system solutions. I have a broad range of experience covering projects for Department of Energy science campaigns, as well as medical device and surgical system research, development, and manufacturing.

Engineering specialties:
Precision mechanical design, optical instrument design, kinematic design, weight optimized structures, flexures, remotely operated diagnostics, robotics, automation, finite element analysis, thermodynamics, heat transfer.

Work Experience

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